"Goodbye Pivotx - Welcome Wordpress!"

2 February 2020

Something already predicted earlier has finally happened! Remark Webdesign has a new site in Wordpress!

This site will be the primary site of Remark Webdesign. The "old" site (this one) will remain in existence but on a slightly different location. Remark Webdesign still remains available for work and/or help on your PivotX site.

If you can't beat them join them?

20 September 2021
WP logo

"It is a wise decision if your opponent is stronger to join him instead of fight him."

This wisdom now also applies to housestyleCMS PivotX.
During several months there haven't been any improvements and only bug fixing.

Your PivotX site to WP for only € 100!

The last months Remark Webdesign has been very busy with fully expanding the first export tool for PivotX definitions to Wordpress format. Some sites have already been converted and eventually this site will follow.

Payment script for Sisow!

20 September 2021
Sisow Payment Innovations

Ever wished to have a payment script on your PivotX site? Then now use the script made by Remark Webdesign!

Remark Webdesign can create a payment option on your PivotX web site without having to set up a full webshop. Especially suited for smaller companies who do not have the possibility (or do no what to spend the time) to maintain a complete webshop with payment option.

Simple and clean!


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