Text lay-out

Simple editing of the lines

A simple list of text lines made through the Wysiwyg editor.

A sample of a normal paragraph line.

A line sample with bold and italic text or both and then also underlined.

This is a line with a horizontal line above and with text striken through.

This is a line in address format.
A text edited in preformatted way.
With a second line in the same format again with bold and italic text.

This is a line in header 1.

And this is header 2 with bold and italic text.

Also include a line in header 3 (and underlined).

These characters are in header 4 format.

For header 5 are these words.
Last but not least header 6 with somewhat small characters....... can be italic too!

More special editing:

  • an unordered list
  • with
  • some
  • words
  1. or an ordered list
  2. with
  3. some
  4. words

Text that is left aligned (default).

Or text aligned in the center.

Or text right aligned.

The following special characters are added through the omega symbol: ©ß™

A sample of indented text

And even further.....

Leave the last line always in default format during editing (when you are using special formats like address or preformatting) because some formats can only be switched "off" by clicking in another formatted line.

Used tags: text


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