Special text lay-out

Less obvious editing of text

Samples of more complicated text editing through the Wysiwyg editor.

It gets even more difficult if you want to switch colors. Sometimes it will be necessary to click the HTML button to find the right place to switch off the color change.

A line with a different color. Followed by another one!

A line with a colored background and normal again. This is a different background and another color.

This can also be done in header 1

In front of this line there is an so called anchor inserted with a custom name: "textanchor". An anchor makes it possible to point directly to this point. When "#textanchor" is added to the link to this page the browser will position on this anchor. The anchor itself is not visible to the visitor of the page.

Now some effects that can be added to the text itself: a citation, an acronym and an abbreviation. The text gets a title en will be shown underlined. All 3 give the possibility to attach a language to it. The former examples are set to language "en"; the following citation is in dutch: dit is een nederlands citaat!

Finally an example of a text line with a link in it.

Following text has been added to make the page in length long enough to show the anchor effect (position on top by the browser) properly.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Egone quaeris, inquit, quid sentiam? Non est igitur summum malum dolor. Quare attende, quaeso. Beatus sibi videtur esse moriens. Videamus igitur sententias eorum, tum ad verba redeamus. Duo Reges: constructio interrete.

Sed ad bona praeterita redeamus. Quod ea non occurrentia fingunt, vincunt Aristonem; Nullus est igitur cuiusquam dies natalis. Sin aliud quid voles, postea. Hic ambiguo ludimur. Comprehensum, quod cognitum non habet?

Immo alio genere; At certe gravius. Inquit, dasne adolescenti veniam? Traditur, inquit, ab Epicuro ratio neglegendi doloris.

Quaerimus enim finem bonorum. Recte, inquit, intellegis. Ergo, inquit, tibi Q.

Verum hoc idem saepe faciamus. Verum hoc idem saepe faciamus. Idemne potest esse dies saepius, qui semel fuit? Sint modo partes vitae beatae. Putabam equidem satis, inquit, me dixisse. Moriatur, inquit.

Used tags: text


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