This extension is pre installed in standard Remark Webdesign weblay-out 07.

If this installation should be executed separately then the cost is equal to ½ hour. This installation includes explanation on how to use it.

This extension provides a slideshow of a series of images. These images can be put into a separate folder.

When one of the images is clicked then Fancybox is started.

Smaller is also possible (and without Fancybox)

  • freeimagesuk Nebulae hst stingray nebula
  • freeimagesuk Nebulae hst pillars m16
  • freeimagesuk Nebulae hst southern crab 9932
  • freeimagesuk Nebulae hst bubble ngc7635 0004
  • freeimagesuk Nebulae hst hourglass nebula
  • freeimagesuk Nebulae hst eskimo ngc2392 0007

Or with an user interface in front (clickable)

Or with an user interface after (also clickable)

Or a faster presentation

Or a limited number of images (counted from the first)

Or the title and tooltip (mouse hover over user interface) deduced from iptcindex

  • Beautiful picture of Stingray nebula
  • Pillars in M16 (nice picture!)
  • The well known Souther Crab nebula
  • This is the first nebula called Bubble (NGC7635)
  • Another nebula called Hourglass
  • This is the next nebula called Eskimo (NGC2392)

Used tags: image show slide


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