Own content list

An additional design makes it possible to display a list of own content.

This means a collection of the introductions of entries and pages in no particular order. This order can be changed later as is the collection.
Ideal to focus the attention on specific content!

Possibly add your own image popup: freeimagesuk/bankers_clips.jpg

And now the list:

Extensions and other web essentials

New PivotX extension or web feature

Did you see another PivotX extension, or a new version with more possibilities of what you want a demonstration?

Nice, new or outstanding web essentials spotted and you ask yourself whether they can be put on a web site by Remark Webdesign?

For all of these Remark Webdesign would like to get your suggestion here (if possible with a link). If you wish to receive a reaction of us please leave your mail address.

Information in more detail

Prices and services in more detail

Prices in more detail (all excl. VAT).Read more

Welcome at Remark Webdesign!

Welcome! Nice of you to visit this web site. Feel free to browse around and when you need additional information you can fill out the contact form.



A multi featured media extension

This extension makes it possible to let things "pop-up" whenever a text or image link is clicked.

This extension is pre installed in a standard Remark Webdesign weblay-out.

If this installation should be executed separately then the cost is equal to 1 hour. This installation includes explanation on how to use it.Read more

Menu samples

On this page examples of the different menu displays are shown.Read more

Contact information

Company data + Contact

Company name

Remark Webdesign




Chamber of Commerce




Triodos bank (account H.R. Kramer)

Read more

At the end of the list an additional text can be written.

To make it even nicer you could add an extra image:

Used tags: content list


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