The Media extension is an already somewhat older extension to easily display different kinds of media.
Nowadays there are way better and more advanced scripts and players that play nearly every format.

Notwithstanding this an example of this extension has to be published!

Below some examples (those examples look very different on Internet Explorer - there you will only see links to download the files that are presented).

  1. A FLV file with the default background.
  2. A SWF file with no background.
    (Here you can see a disadvantage of an older player: the movie is wrongly aligned when played)
  3. A MP4 file with own background and different dimensions.
    (You could easily encounter a MP4 file that will not be played correctly by this player)
  4. A Youtube movie.
  5. A MP3 file.
    (In this case an external one but you can also play a local file)
  6. A Vimeo movie.

1 FLV:

Download this video.

Video "small"

2 SWF:

Download this video.

Video "whitebird1"

3 MP4:

Download this video.

Video "movie"

4 Youtube:

Visit this page on YouTube.

really? Star Wars acording to a 3 year old.

5 Audio:

Playing "flickradio".

Download flickradio.mp3.

Playing "flickradio".

6 Vimeo:

Visit this page on Vimeo.

Vimeo video "moogaloop.swf?clip_id=10857606".


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