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This extension is pre installed in a standard Remark Webdesign weblay-out.

If this installation should be executed separately then the cost is equal to ½ hour. This installation includes explanation on how to use it.

This extension puts the maybe less known Google plus 1 button on your web page. Dependent on its place it can give a Plus to your entire site or a specific Entry or Page.

This is the standard lay-out without any additional parm:
(2 fake links were used to and to show the results and differences)

There are 4 button sizes (the color of the button shows whether the visitor clicked this button before -- the content of the mouse-over bubble is different in such a case -- the visitor has to be logged in to Google to be able to check whether the button was clicked):

With the counts inline (standard width is 450; smallest is 120):
(when the visitor clicked this button before then his pictures will show up and the text will be different)

Inline and right aligned:

Or the counts in a ballon (width minimum 120; counts display above then button width minimum; right alignment also possible):

The position of the bubble (information when mouse-over of the button) can be set (standard is below; the 4 possibilities are shown -- top/bottom/right/left):

A remark must be made that Google has to conclude that the display is showable on the spot specified. This can give peculiar results. The display can also change dependent of the position of the button in relation to the viewable screen.

There is also an option available to show recommendations in the bubble from the linked site (peculiar results can be expected also):

A different language is also possible. This can only be set once per web page. For an example of the dutch variant a link is added at the top of the page.

Another remark: the numbers displayed are set by Google+ and are sometimes lower than previous time while this seems inexplicable. Also when the number is large it is shown cruder the one time over the other time. Unfortunately this is the responsibility of Google+.

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