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This extension is pre installed in a standard Remark Webdesign weblay-out.

If this installation should be executed separately then the cost is equal to ½ hour. This installation includes explanation on how to use it.

This extension puts the well know Facebook like button on your web page. Dependent on its place the site can be Liked in general or a specific Entry or Page.

The standard lay-out is (450x80) - social text at the right of the button and images of friends directly below:
(a fake like link is used for the facebook page of youtube to show the results and differences; dependent whether you already liked the youtube page or not your name will show up behind it or the button remains normally visible)

First the other lay-outs with the same (fake) like link (height adapted for the overall picture):

Like the first but without the images:

The following examples have a fake like link of a non existing URL so the button is clearly visible.

Button for Like:

Button for Recommend:

Font arial:

Font lucida grande:

Font segoe ui:

Font tahoma:

Font trebuchet ms:

Font verdana:

Color scheme light:

Color scheme dark:

With a reference:

In another language:

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These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages.
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