This extension is pre installed in a standard Remark Webdesign weblay-out.

If this installation should be executed separately then the cost are dependent on quotation (because it is dependent on the wished application; most installations take between 1 and 2 hour). This installation includes explanation on how to use it.

This extension can greatly "prettify" your web site or part of it.

Elements defined by yourself (e.g. images including edited text) can be switched/slided automatically by this extension. This extension used the freeware program called Cycle. The site of the creator contains lots of examples and nearly all can be activated on your web site without you to have a lot of technical knowledge. The only criterium is, besides having it correctly installed, that the elements should be equally defined. That sounds complicated but it isn't. In the standard lay-outs (and on the site of Remark Webdesign) in more than 1 way this extension is used. The "revolving" adverts in the header and the chapter summary page are both made using this extension.

First a simple example. 5 images of an external site (the creator of Cycle) that are slided:

A "revolving" collection of unordered lists:

  • List 1 - Part 1
  • List 1 - Part 2
  • List 1 - Part 3
  • List 2 - Part of it 1
  • List 2 - Part of it 2
  • List 2 - Part of it 3
  • List 2 - Part of it 4
  • Part 1 of List 3
  • Part 2 of List 3
  • Part 3 of List 3

An automated show of the gallery added to this page:

A lot of other settings exist like:

  • Own styling per "revolving" collection.
  • Transition effects (examples above use "fade"; below more possibilities)
  • Time of display and transition or starting time of the animation.
  • Pre defined set of effects.
  • Height and width of the container of the animation.
  • Pause when mouse hover on animation or random sequence in the animation.
  • Add text (think Next / Previous) show together with animation.
  • Position of container within the web page but also the position of the animation within the container.
  • Possibility to specify a full technical specification of your own animation (experts only).

Transition effects slideX, uncover and curtainY (from left to right)

Pre defined effects 1, 6 and 9 (from left to right)

Or in blocks of more images at once

Used tags: cycle extension


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