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Next to making your own site known to the public you can also advertise for others. This can be interesting when using Google AdSense. The AdSense service makes it possible to earn something from advertising.

This earning goes as follows: a visitor enters your site and next to your own content small parts of the page are reserved for displaying adds. When the visitor clicks such ad add then you will get a small fee (you won't get rich from that easily.....).

How do such adverts look like?

Google AdSense allows you to display a maximum of adverts size on your page. This calculates to around 3 or 4 AdSense code snippets. So only one real advert is shown here because the normal page already uses two others.

This is to show that an advert can be displayed twice on the screen (see sidebar).

All other samples are just fixed images to show what an advert of that sort and size would look like.

Rectangles with text links.

A so called leaderboard.

A banner format.

Skyscrapers (so vertical).



Videos (not working here).

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