Dotting the I

Emphasis on details

In the past weeks part of the site where the standard lay-outs are presented (see Standard lay-outs) has been fully checked on minor flaws in the stylesheet definitions (CSS).
This was also invoked because of the fact that there is one style choice added (no. 5). These style choices can be found at the top of the sidebar within the standard lay-outs.

Furthermore standard lay-outs 3 and 6 now contain the login/registration option.

Dot on the i!

This login/registration option can be very handy to get your visitors more involved with your site. If you get them to register they get the advantage that they will be alerted on every entry you publish (alas not the pages). As an extra they won't have to fill their data whenever they publish a comment.
The advantage for you is that you can use their registered data for specific mailings.

The new style choice is one of transparency. The content has been defined with different amounts of transparency to let the background, in this case a photo of a beautiful waterfall in Norway, shine through as much as possible.
When you experiment with this style together with the different lay-outs you will notice that the content is not always readable. This style will better fit a still to be published standard lay-out: a photoblog!

Again a reason to follow this site!

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