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Extra data fields for the editor

Harm Door Harm

23 Maart 2012
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This extension creates the possibility to add all kinds of data fields to the editor. The author of an Entry or a Page can specify data in this fields that could have their effect on the webdesign.
In this way a custom made environment can be created.

This extension is pre installed in a standard Remark Webdesign weblay-out.

If this installation should be executed separately then the cost is equal to 2 hours. This installation includes explanation on how to use it.

This extension makes it possible for every user/author to change the Wysiwyg editor in such a way that all kinds of additional data will be saved together with an Entry or a Page. These data can be used to facilitate navigation or display in the webdesign.

For every added field you need to specify where it should be shown in the editor, what type it should be (see image 3 for a list of possibilities), whether the field should only show when specific criteria are met (e.g. a specific Chapter), the additionale information that should appear and what should happen when the field is left empty.

As an example two possibilities but there is a lot more possible!

Example 1 - Link fields to your own Entry/Page or an external URL

How easy would it be to add a link to your entry pointing to another Entry or Page by means of a pull-down menu showing the published Entries and Pages. Adding a free text line that could contain an URL and 1 line per field meant for specifying your own link text. See image 1.

Example 2 - Adding a Image gallery

One of the pre defined filed is a gallery. It created the possibility to add your own images, give them titles (and alt = text that will show when the image cannot be displayed by the browser) and they are grouped together. The 3 images below are added through this gallery. The main advantage compared to the older extension Gallery is the fact that whenever the images are added you can still change, move or delete them. See image 2.

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