Quietness for the storm?

Lots of plans for new extensions

It seems that it is quiet on this web site. But that doesn't mean that there is no progress!

In the meantime there have been some changes already of which is the most important the introduction of a new part of the site named "Addition". This part contains specific designs of all kind that you can use on your site. The different menu samples can also be found there.
There also is a page contributed to the use of a PivotX extension Password protection. With this extension the whole site or parts of it can be made only accessible through a password.

Password protection!

At the moment the most important addition in the "Addition" part is the Own content list. This is a design that creates kind of a gallery of your own content. Entries and pages can be listed in any order. The introductions of all this content will de displayed and the possibility is offered to view the content in more detail. A job well done if I say so myself!

It is a good idea to watch this part of the site!

Also notice the usage of the Rounded corners script to get nice rounded borders.

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