New things on the site!

Selection made bigger

Remark Webdesign didn't do nothing lately. Resulting from several orders there is a new standard lay-out (number 06 already; selectable through Standard lay-outs on the right) and there are some more menu structures. These menu structures are demonstrated on a separate page. The menus also contain a separate scroller resulting in shorter rollout menus.

The new lay-out offers the possibility to set up a web site without blog and only pages. These pages can have a relation to each other through their sorting order. This order is also show in the menu.
Pages with sorting order 100, 110 and 120 form a group and 200 and 210 do too. Within a group there can be another group. For examples 111, 112, 113 and 114. You can see a demonstration in lay-out 06. So you can create a general page about Writers and group pages about specific writers.

Another new thing is the option for all standard lay-outs to put the right column on the left. If there already is a left column for advertising then this is put automatically on the right. This can be useful if a vertical menu is used.


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